Amazing Prices On Spectacular Products At Unistylez

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Amazing Prices On Spectacular Products At Unistylez

Some amazing products online, designed to give to a loved one or just to make you feel special.

Amazing designs, shapes and stones to inspire and relax, a select few are listed below

  • Hot Pink Crystal Bangle - Five Rows
  • Truth - Sentiment Bracelet
  • Shamballa Style Bracelet Gold Crystal Heart
  • Forget-Me-Not Heart Silver Bangle

View the entire range online


Hot Pink Crystal Bangle - Five Rows
The Rhinestone Crystals are set on a Stainless Steel.

Truth - Sentiment Bracelet
Silver stretch bracelet with semi precious stones.

Shamballa Style Bracelet Gold Crystal Heart
Sequence of knots and braids incorporate our
high quality crystal. 

Forget-Me-Not Heart Silver Bangle
Lovingly set in 925 Silver to accentuate the
delicate nature of each flower.

Or add a splash of excitement to your wrists with these stunning ''Magnetic Hematite Bracelet''. 

Millions the world over use magnetism in the belief that this natural remedy relieves pain and enhances healing, creating a feeling of wellbeing.

Since 1972 Copper craft has produced jewellery that is both therapeutic and beautiful. Their Pure range of bracelets puts them at the forefront of therapeutic jewellery. Each piece makes a wonderful gift and provides natural therapy. All the bracelets come in a stunning presentation box with a written explanation of the natural properties.

 Shop online now at Unistylez and take advantage of these amazing gifts.

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