Brighten up your morning

Thursday, 4 April 2013  |  Annie Fitz

The coldest weekend in March has just come and gone and snow is still falling around the country. Most mornings, we dont want to get up and the snooze button is like our best friend! Those extra minutes in bed, mean more of a rush in the morning but we are here to help you! Life is too short to wear matching socks, especially when we still have a coffee to make and a clean shirt to find so why dont you treat yourself to Odd socks. Our new range is bright, colourful and dont match! What more do you need on a dreary morning!


We know what you need! That rush in the morning can also mean that your make-up still hasn't been applied properly or your hair needs a quick restyling! Treat yourself to one of our compact mirrors, which can be kept in the smallest handbag and jazz up those lips with our Manic Panic lipstick in Vampire red. Now get that coffee and breath!