Diamond Body Jewellery in Gold and Bioflex

Friday, 7 September 2012  |  Admin

Show of your piercing with our stylish and unique Diamond Body Jewellery, our unique body jewellery comes with either Gold or Bioflex stems which allows you to choose the fitting that suits your piercing best.

Choose your size diamond for either a Labret, Monroe, Nose or Tragus to truly accentuate your piercing with these affordable, classy and stylish studs.


The diamonds are set in a 9ct gold claw set which shows them off to their full effect and allows the diamond to sparkle in any light. The stems come in various sizes with Bioflex material which is a revolutionary metal free material that is completely Hypo Allergenic, while also offering the additional benefits of superb comfort, as well as being a soft, flexible and lightweight material that is even suitable for sensitive wearers.

Being completely clear creates an ‘invisible’ and discrete look, maximising the flash of the visible part of the jewellery. Because it can be cut to size, every stunning piece of K7 jewellery will fit perfectly and therefore accentuate it’s beauty and brilliance.