How to apply Manic Panic hair dye

Sunday, 25 May 2014  |  Admin

Follow these instructions to achieve the best results when using Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dyes.

Manic Panic conditioning semi-permanent hair colours are fortified with a herbal and protien complex. Gentle to hair and containing no animal by products, it can be used to achieve intense bright colours on hair that has been pre-lightened to a very light blond, and on some natural blond hair.Some colours, especially the dark reds, purples and greens may give a highlight effect on naturally dark, unbleached hair.Strand testing is recommended to check the colour on your own particular hair.
Manic Panic colours should be used exactly as supplied, do not under any circumstances add peroxide to Manic Panic hair colours, do not mix with permanent colourants.
Manic Panic colour may temporarily stain the skin and permanently stain fabrics. Avoid contact with eyes, this product must not be used for dying eyelashes or eyebrows. If eye contatc does occur rinse immediately with warm water and seek medical advice.

Step 1 Patch Test

Before using Manic Panic colours for the first time it is advisable to conduct a preliminary patch test.
1 Select a small test area about the size of a 10p coin, behind the ear or in the inner fold of the elbow.
2 Wash the test area gently with mild soap and water. Dab dry with a clean towel.
3 Cover the clean test area with a thin coat of the specific shade of hair colour desired.
4 Allow the test area to dry, leave it uncovered for 24 hours.
5 Examine the test area carefully. If there are any signs of irritation then under no circumstances should the product be used on the person tested.

Step 2 Strand Test

To be sure that the desired result will be achieved, apply colour in the manner described below, using just a small lock of hair before attempting to dye a large area.

Step 3 Pre-Lighten Hair

If you want your results to be bright and your hair to appear the colour as it looks in the jar (or swatch) it is necessary to pre-lighten the hair.If you are going for a lighter colour or a pastel shade, it is essential to lighten to a white / blond. Lighten your hair using Flashlightning Complete bleach kit. Bleach your hair according to the instructions in the kit. Make sure you have thoroughly shampooed all of the bleach, bleach residue left in the hair can prevent hair colour from processing properly.

Step 4 Shampoo

Shampoo hair thoroughly using deep cleansing shampoo
Rinse completely to remove all residue. Make sure hair is squeaky clean. Towel dry hair.
Wear protective plastic or rubber gloves for application. Use petroleum jelly or baby oil around the hairline and on ears to prevent staining skin.

Step 5 Get your colour on

Apply to dry hair, empty the desired amount into a bowl (half a jar for short hair, a full jar for long hair). With the aid of a tint brush, apply colour beginning 1/2 inch from the scalp and working it evenly through to the ends of the hair. Begin at the nape of the neck and work upwards through the head of hair. be sure to completely saturate the hair shaft.
Comb the colour through until it becomes frothy, this indicates that it has been thoroughly absorbed. Lighter shades may require more combing to obtain maximum penetration and a longer lasting effect.
Wait, leave colour on hair for 30 minutes or longer. Manic Panic will process fully in 30 minutes at normal room temperature. the use of an infra red heat lamp will reduce the processing time to between 5 and 7 minutes, and can produce a deeper colouration with longer lasting properties. For resistant hair it is advisable to place a plastic cap on the hair, and leave on for 60 minutes or longer.
Rinse hair in cool water thoroughly, away from face. Due to the restructuring nature of the product, no after treatments are necessary.

Step 6 Keeping it in

Manic Panic is a semi-permanent hair colour that is made from Vegan ingredients with no animal by products. It coats the hair, penetrating the hair follicle best if the hair is porous (which is why it shows up best on processed or beached hair). this means that depending on the condition of your hair the results will vary. A tip for making your Manic Panic colour more permanent is to rinse your hair with vinegar immediately after colouring. This raises the pH level of the hair colour and gives it more permanence. (Mix equal parts of cold water and white vinegar, comb through hair and let sit for a minute or two, rinse out thoroughly).
For hair colour that lasts 30% longer use Manic Panic Amplified Formula.
Watch the official Manic Panic "how to" video