St Patricks Day

Wednesday, 13 March 2013  |  Annie Fitz

St. Patricks Day  17th March 2013

On Sunday, our Irish customers (and many others) celebrate St Patricks Day! It is traditionally a time for a drink with friends and a really good excuse for a party! We can't promise you any gold at the end of a rainbow on the day but take a look at our amazing temporary Rainbow Lip Tattoos and Golden Glitter Lip Tattoos which will get all the crowd talking.

 Rainbow Temporary Lip TattooGold Glitter Temporary lip Tattoo 

If you want to stand out even more, make sure you are wearing some Green Spotted False Feather Eyelashes for when the guinness starts to flow!

 Green Feather LashesGreen Feather False Eyelashes

If you need a lucky charm to help you on your way why not try wearing one of our Four Leaf Clover Oval Bangles - just the ticket!

Then when you've had enough of the black stuff, fling off your dancing shoes and slip into a pair of our comfy fold-away gold TipsyFeet to make the walk home a little bit easier!

Lucky clover BraceletTipsyfeet Gold Shoes