Loyalty Rewards

Unistylez.com believe in rewarding our customers for their loyalty.

For each £1 you spend you earn 1 point that equals 1%. Our Loyalty Points are awarded on items purchased online. Once you have earned 50 points or more each point gives you a 1p discount per point off your next purchase. So, if you have 100 points then you get £1.00 discount.

Points can be managed and viewed in your Online Account, you must be registered to receive Loyalty Points.

One you have achieved 50 Loyalty Points or more you will have the option to use your rewards in your online basket as long as you are logged in.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Fairlea Online Ltd (FOL) Loyalty Points is run for the benefit of our customers, we do however reserve the right, at any time and without notice, to:
    • (1.a) remove the scheme from our website
    • (1.b) not issue loyalty points on certain products or not issue any further loyalty points
    • (1.c) on reasonable grounds and after careful consideration, cancel or withdraw loyalty points, alter the conditions of the scheme or amend details within. We deem reasonable grounds to include, but not limited to:
      • (1.c.i) abuse of the scheme
      • (1.c.ii) any use or attempted use of a loyalty points in a manner which is contrary to these terms and conditions
      • (1.c.iii) any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty connected with a member when using the scheme.
  2. FOL Loyalty Points are valid for 12 months from the date they were issued to your account.
  3. FOL is entitled to cancel points awarded if the product which relates to the points issued are returned or cancelled for any reason and a refund / credit of the purchase price is given. If products are exchanged for other products points will be recalculated against the new item.
  4. Certain products or services may be excluded from the scheme at the sole discretion of TWS
  5. FOL Loyalty Points are calculated as follows:
    • (5.a) 1 point will be awarded for every £1 that is spent where 1 point is equal to £0.03.
    • (5.b) This value can be altered at the sole discretion of TWS.
    • (5.c) Points awarded will be calculated on the selling price and rounded down to the nearest pound.
  6. FOL Loyalty Points can not be transferred, sold or used by another account holder.
  7. Where the relevant products are exchanged for products of a lower points value TWS shall be entitled to cancel the balance of points between those originally collected and those collected in respect of the replacement products.
  8. If returning goods where loyalty points were used as full or part payment points and not cash will be credited to the account. Any balance outstanding that was paid using PayPal, debit or credit card will be subject to our standard returns terms and conditions.
  9. TWS Loyalty Points earned have no cash value, they are used for calculating loyalty based discounts on new purchases only.