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Real Flower Bracelets

Real Flower Bracelets set on a silver Bangle or Bracelet are unique, stylish and stunningly beautiful. Expertly grown at altitude to keep the flowers miniature they are hand picked, dried and lovingly set in a clear resin for a transparent view of these pretty miniature flowers.

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Forget-Me-Not Rectangle Chunky Silver Bangle

Forget-Me-Not Rectangle Chunky Silver Bangle£49.95

Poppy Heart Chunky Silver Bangle

Poppy Heart Chunky Silver Bangle£49.95

Forget-Me-Not Heart Silver Bracelet

Forget-Me-Not Heart Silver Bracelet£34.95

Forget-Me-Not Round Silver Bracelet

Forget-Me-Not Round Silver Bracelet£34.95

Mixed Flower Round Silver Bracelet

Mixed Flower Round Silver Bracelet£34.95

Pink Verbena Round Silver Bracelet

Pink Verbena Round Silver Bracelet£34.95

Poppy Oval Silver Bracelet

Poppy Oval Silver Bracelet£34.95

Rose Bud Oval Silver Bracelet

Rose Bud Oval Silver Bracelet£34.95

Verbena-Rose Hearts Silver Bracelet

Verbena-Rose Hearts Silver Bracelet£34.95

Four Leaf Clover Oval Silver Bangle

Four Leaf Clover Oval Silver Bangle£24.95

Mixed Flower Heart Silver Bangle

Mixed Flower Heart Silver Bangle£24.95

Rose Bud Oval Silver Bangle

Rose Bud Oval Silver Bangle£24.95


Page 1 of 1:    17 Items